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I picked up an old scrapbook album in a thrift store over the weekend because of these fantastic hand-lettered shop signs that were still mounted in its pages.
Today I opened it up for a better look and came across this little pencil drawing of a bewildered Hitler tucked in the back. Surprise.


Clowns have been all over the news lately and it reminded me of my favourite clown sighting. Perhaps it’s actually more of a skeleton sighting, but either way you have to admit this kid is amazing.

Meditating clown/skeleton kid, Kentucky Welcome Center, spring 2009.

My second favourite clown sighting happened last month at Dragon Con, when I overheard a man in the street yelling into a cellphone: “Aw shit! Aw SHIT! They got IT here man, they got IT here!” while around the corner, a clown with a balloon slipped off into the crowd.