Found while digging for some other lost thing this morning: this heavy brass cuff bracelet that I made when I was a teenaged hippie. My dad gave me the brass and showed me how to cut it and hammer it on the anvil. I wore this thing for years but switched to silver bangles in my early twenties (HIPPIE! http://youtu.be/LLPSxS_QeEQ) It’s got a nice worn look to it now while still being quite shiny, thanks to my coating it with clear nail polish to prevent it from turning my arm green.


Clowns have been all over the news lately and it reminded me of my favourite clown sighting. Perhaps it’s actually more of a skeleton sighting, but either way you have to admit this kid is amazing.

Meditating clown/skeleton kid, Kentucky Welcome Center, spring 2009.

My second favourite clown sighting happened last month at Dragon Con, when I overheard a man in the street yelling into a cellphone: “Aw shit! Aw SHIT! They got IT here man, they got IT here!” while around the corner, a clown with a balloon slipped off into the crowd.


After stopping to take a photo on the way home from the studio, I walked the rest of the way with the phone in my hand and so, naturally, the phone took a bunch of accidental photos. Then I got a message from Google Maps asking me to add these 4 photos to the Victoria Tavern page. That’s not at all creepy.

Funny it didn’t also ask for these ones.

i have nothing interesting to say so let me show you what i bought

​(cross posted from my studio weblog Levigator Press)
This weekend we closed the studio and drove up to Oshawa to pick up this gorgeous beast:

It’s a 6.5×10 Chandler & Price Pilot, fully refurbished, in beautiful condition, and ready to be put to work. It’s a perfect press for our tiny space, with the capability to handle large scale production while being user friendly and a fantastic learning press for our students and studio members. We can’t wait to fire it up and get printing.


I just started reading The Age of Innocence, which Peter signed out for me from the university library, where he is a librarian. Inside the book I found this list, in Peter’s writing, which has been hanging around in this library book since the last time it was signed out: by Peter, in 2007, right after our trip to Rock City (the photos of which the note is reminding him to post).

Me: hey here’s your reminder to blog about Kenny Rogers.
Peter: I. . . don’t think that’s what that says.

Here are my photos from Rock City, August 2007: ROCK CITY

Here are Peter’s: MORE ROCK CITY

I guess Edith Wharton isn’t all that popular around here.