I just started reading The Age of Innocence, which Peter signed out for me from the university library, where he is a librarian. Inside the book I found this list, in Peter’s writing, which has been hanging around in this library book since the last time it was signed out: by Peter, in 2007, right after our trip to Rock City (the photos of which the note is reminding him to post).

Me: hey here’s your reminder to blog about Kenny Rogers.
Peter: I. . . don’t think that’s what that says.

Here are my photos from Rock City, August 2007: ROCK CITY

Here are Peter’s: MORE ROCK CITY

I guess Edith Wharton isn’t all that popular around here.

a little corner

This is finally getting somewhere. On Sunday I did a bit of digging at the corner of the porch and sifted a hideous amount of rocks, most white marble chips (thanks, previous owners) out of the soil, threw in a few handfuls of tulip bulbs and then planted those hostas (hand-me-downs from Peter’s grandparents via his mother’s front yard, and having languished in an overgrown jungle corner of our backyard since we relocated them to put the new porch in). Then I stood up, exhausted, and loudly declared myself done working for the day.
And then I made this flagstone path! Because I overdo things. And it looks good and is worth the stiff back. I keep walking out of my way all the way around the house on arriving home from the studio just so I can happen upon it from around the corner like this and admire it and bask in my self satisfaction.