Clowns have been all over the news lately and it reminded me of my favourite clown sighting. Perhaps it’s actually more of a skeleton sighting, but either way you have to admit this kid is amazing.

Meditating clown/skeleton kid, Kentucky Welcome Center, spring 2009.

My second favourite clown sighting happened last month at Dragon Con, when I overheard a man in the street yelling into a cellphone: “Aw shit! Aw SHIT! They got IT here man, they got IT here!” while around the corner, a clown with a balloon slipped off into the crowd.


After stopping to take a photo on the way home from the studio, I walked the rest of the way with the phone in my hand and so, naturally, the phone took a bunch of accidental photos. Then I got a message from Google Maps asking me to add these 4 photos to the Victoria Tavern page. That’s not at all creepy.

Funny it didn’t also ask for these ones.

i have nothing interesting to say so let me show you what i bought

‚Äč(cross posted from my studio weblog Levigator Press)
This weekend we closed the studio and drove up to Oshawa to pick up this gorgeous beast:

It’s a 6.5×10 Chandler & Price Pilot, fully refurbished, in beautiful condition, and ready to be put to work. It’s a perfect press for our tiny space, with the capability to handle large scale production while being user friendly and a fantastic learning press for our students and studio members. We can’t wait to fire it up and get printing.