the kitchenening, part three

looking through a doorway and up towards the ceiling of a room under construction

Our kitchen has a ceiling! And it’s NOT STUCCO.


Our living room is also getting a new not-stucco ceiling as part of this job. We found out when the ceiling came down that there’s no subfloor upstairs, just beams with a floor on top and a ceiling below and a bunch of empty space in between, which explains a lot re: privacy in this house. Here’s a buffer insulation being put in so that you’ll soon be able to visit us and go upstairs to the washroom safe in the knowledge that nobody in the living room can hear you pee.



2 thoughts on “the kitchenening, part three”

  1. I wonder if the original owners had regrets about not putting in a subfloor. That feels like something you’d do as a cost-saving measure and then regret once it was too late!

    1. Our neighbourhood has loads of these houses all built around the same time and I believe some aspects, like this one, are typical of the era in these discount houses. There’s a price/quality range and ours is somewhere in the middle, bigger and marginally nicer than the one next door but not as nice as the luxury model across the street. But likely across the street had the same kind of floor too. Just imagine seven people living in a four bedroom, one bathroom house with zero privacy, ugh!

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