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November 22, 2004

Because I can't be arsed to take pictures of anything new today, here's something old

While I was frantically searching the house for my 1/8" grommets (I didn't find them, but now that I've gone out and bought more, and a new punch, I'm sure the old ones will turn up in a stupidly obvious place) I came across those old speaker wire socks that I made four years ago. So just for Krista, here's a picture.


Check the stripe in the cuff; that's BLUE speaker wire. Do these rock, or do they rock? Too bad no-one can get their feet into them.

Last night I finished a quilt top for my show that's 16 by 13 feet; once I get it backed and take it in to the school I'll take a picture but right now it's impossible because it's bigger than my house. That'll be two quilts in a week I've finished! See, I am the queen of working to a deadline (it's FOUR DAYS AWAY). Eek.

Posted by jodi at November 22, 2004 06:50 PM | categories:  art stuff : sticks and string


Yay socks. I love those socks, I wish I could wear them. Good luck getting everything ready for the show. I can't wait to see pics, wish I could be there.

Posted by: Krista at November 23, 2004 11:58 AM