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September 10, 2006

I still work with sticks and string too, you know


A wee bit of progress has been made on Alice/Bridie. I had to put her aside for the summer, but now that the edge is off the heat here, it's time for her to come back into the rotation. I don't think this sweater looks anywhere close to fitting me, but my gauge is good and I trust Anna implicitly, so I'm soldiering on with it. It does want to stretch quite a bit so I'm sure it will all make sense in the blocking. The yarn, a camel hair blend, is dreamy-soft and wonderful to work with.

orangina mark II

Orangina was finished, but when I tried it on, my belly and the ribbing had such a terrible fight that I think they've broken it off for good. I'm not fat, but I AM too fat in certain places to go putting a tight band of ribbing around those places. Yuck! So I've ripped back and am making the bottom stockinette instead; I may just bind off and leave a rolled edge to echo the top edge. We'll see.

No studio pictures today; I forgot to take the camera with me. I cut out a bunch of little woodblock doo-dads and will be printing with them later in the week.

Posted by jodi at September 10, 2006 05:32 PM | categories:  sticks and string


that's a great backdrop - i'd like to photograph all *my* WIPs in front of it!
i love the lace pattern for oringina - it one of those "someday" projects for me. about ribbing and bellies - it's a problem i also have - did you see the v-neck raglan i knit this summer? started the ribbing in the *wrong* spot (haven't made time to rip it back yet) - gives me a bit of a 'with child' look.

Posted by: jae at September 13, 2006 09:55 AM