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December 16, 2008

psst. . .

Don't forget! jodi's weblog has relocated to just a few doors down the road at

See you there!


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December 09, 2008

just like starting over

Well, kids, it's been a nail-biting couple of weeks around here as Peter worked his arse off building new templates for me while I hovered impatiently just behind his shoulder, but I'm finally ready to pack my bags and move on over to the new digs. Movable Type is dead, my friends. Dead as Dillinger.

I'll be leaving the archives to rest where they are (in case anyone ever wants to go back and read stuff from way back before I went to grad school and got boring) but have copied my last month's worth of entries (for once I'm glad there have been so few!) over to my shiny new Wordpress weblog. This morning I spent what seemed like an eternity pretending to be you guys in order to painstakingly copy all of your comments over onto those entries as well; a fabulously executed fraud. Now I'm planning to get all new-leafy, write more often, reply to more comments, maybe jump on the 365 bandwagon (the flickr photos bandwagon, not the post-every-day one; I'm not totally off my rocker, y'all!).

So, ladies and gentlemen, point your browsers! All it takes is two little letters, to change your subscription from to So easy, so gratifying.

See you there!


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December 08, 2008

betty goodwin, 1923 - 2008

Betty Goodwin, one of my biggest influences, has died. In my thesis report on The Wardrobe Project I wrote of the influence her Tarpaulin series (1974-1978) had on my working methods. Countless times I have shown her work to friends, colleagues, classmates and students. I have stood in awe before her works in galleries, marveling at the sensitivity and subtlety of her smudgey marks. Every time I have taken an eraser out of a student's hand or urged a student to pay closer attention to richness of surface in a drawing, I invoke Betty and her work.

betty goodwin: swimmer no. 3, mixed media drawing 1983
swimmer no. 3, mixed media drawing, 1983

The above image was originally nicked from this web gallery in 2006 for a flickr set of drawings I put together to show my drawing students.

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