special offer

I picked up an old scrapbook album in a thrift store over the weekend because of these fantastic hand-lettered shop signs that were still mounted in its pages.
Today I opened it up for a better look and came across this little pencil drawing of a bewildered Hitler tucked in the back. Surprise.


I just started reading The Age of Innocence, which Peter signed out for me from the university library, where he is a librarian. Inside the book I found this list, in Peter’s writing, which has been hanging around in this library book since the last time it was signed out: by Peter, in 2007, right after our trip to Rock City (the photos of which the note is reminding him to post).

Me: hey here’s your reminder to blog about Kenny Rogers.
Peter: I. . . don’t think that’s what that says.

Here are my photos from Rock City, August 2007: ROCK CITY

Here are Peter’s: MORE ROCK CITY

I guess Edith Wharton isn’t all that popular around here.

high fidelity 

I found this great drawing in those old 1970s encyclopaedias I was cutting up. It’s pretty close to our vision for the built-in music shelving we’re planning for our living room. Except that instead of this luxuriously spacious modern room, we’ll be shelving up an entire wall of a tiny 1911 cheapo Sears house living room. Also, our shelves will be filled mostly with records.
Which records? Why, these ones.