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January 13, 2008

january 6, 08 (dress #9, state 12, printed january 3 07)

I did it again, forgetting to photograph the dress before printing it again. I don't even have being out of the studio and having my routine disrupted as an excuse this time; the dress was right there in the pile with the others, and I thought I'd photographed them all.

I'm planning to put together a book for each dress as part of the museum installation, and I'm not sure yet what to do about the states that don't have photos. Sketches? Empty dotted outlines? That seems a bit lame. Torn out pages would be better, maybe.

january 06 08

The camera will take ten continuous shots, and the first one often looks like this as I press the shutter and dash to my spot. I like the way some of these look: nothing but the dress, or part of the dress, and blurry movement. I'm going to try to start including images of the dresses in less controlled, less contrived situations, so I'll start by posting some of the daily outtakes.

january 06 08 outtake

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