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October 12, 2007

october 11, 07

New dress, pieced together from skirt #5 and some of the leftover fabric from which that skirt and dress #2 were originally made.

october 11 (with sweater)

october 11 (without sweater)

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September 08, 2007

september 8, 07

september 8 07

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skirt #5, state 2, september 7 07


skirt #5, state1

state 2 (front):

skirt #5, state 2 sept 7 (front)


skirt #5, state 2 sept 7 (back)

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August 30, 2007

august 30, 07 (later)

august 30 07 (later)

Later on in the evening I thought I'd take another photo to show the crocheted vest, but it's impossible to see anyway. I should have worn it all day, though, it looks better.

This is in the shop where I teach litho.

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august 30, 07

I keep saying I'm going to carry around a little notebook to keep track of what people say whenever I get asked about my clothes (or have any other conversations relating to my project that are worth recording). But as I keep forgetting to actually stick that notebook in my satchel, I'll record some of that stuff here instead. I'm not sure yet if any of this information will prove useful to me later on, but better to save everything and whittle down later than to find myself wishing I'd kept better track of things. I'm interested in knowing which aspects of the project catch people's attention and hearing what they have to say about it.

Before class on August 21st, my second day of teaching, one of my students (RH) asked me if I had made my skirt and printed it. I very briefly described my project, and next he asked if my knitting was part of the project (I had knitting in my hands at the time); I said, well, yes. He then told me about the time he learned to crochet, and what he was making before he gave it up and forgot how (I resisted the urge to invite him to knit night but did say that if he brought it to class I would show him how to finish it; always proselytizing the way of the knit).

This one isn't directly related to my project, as I haven't shown or talked about my own work in the classroom: my students were proofing and second-etching their litho stones in class today, and one student (CK) asked me if she could run a few extra prints on fabric to use later. We talked about the impermanence of the inks in fabric, I pointed out my skirt and told her that it's etching ink and will fade and break down over time. My student wants to print on fabric and make stuff, and possibly do something three-dimensional in fabric for her final litho project. It's pretty exciting to me that I've got students who are already thinking about how they can combine lithography with other media, and that I've got kids with textilian leanings in my class to boot, when I haven't really given them any indication that this is an area of interest for me.

august 30 07

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August 27, 2007

august 27, 07

august 27 07

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