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October 03, 2007

october 3, 07

This is the second dress whose bodice and pockets came from the recycled fabric from skirt #7.

october 03 07

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October 01, 2007

october 1, 07

New dress! Many of today's new batch of dresses (5 in total that I finished sewing this morning) looked very similar, all using the same fabric or the same print, so I printed on three of them today before wearing. This one I put on as soon as it was sewn, though, and I like how it has the big white area on the front that didn't get printed, down at the end of the fabric.

This dress (and one of the others that got printed today) contains the recycled remains of skirt #7 in its bodice and pockets. That skirt is the one I'll miss the least out of all of them.

october 01 07

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September 11, 2007

september 11, 07

I've been struggling a bit with the need to find garment shapes I like to wear that don't have zippers in them, since I've crushed a few already and I'm afraid of damaging the press. The short skirts I made with elastic waistbands (wide bands cut off old t-shirts) are cute and comfortable and can go through the press without incident, but I want garments that are longer, to serve as a larger canvas for working on. So today I tried to make the same skirt longer, with pretty hideous results.

september 11 07

I hate this skirt immensely. I tried making it better by drawing on the front of it during a morning meeting, but it's the cut that's the problem. I'm going to chop off the waist and make it straight with a bit of a wrap. I've decided to try sewing in fabric loops and ties similar to what you'd use to tie up your canvas tent. While those will take considerable extra time to sew, they can go through the press without damaging anything, and having the long ties floating about could make some interesting marks in the prints.

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